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Power Sculpt Fitness™ provides the ultimate in 
total body conditioning and muscle definition geared 
specifically towards creating a lean, sculpted physique!

Whatever your fitness level, Power Sculpt is a great way to challenge yourself!


Unlike most other studios, PSF offers a wide range of formats. Exercising is most effective when you are constantly changing up your fitness regimen.  From cycling to barre to TRX and more...we have it all!


Our classes range in length: 20, 30 , 45 & 60 minutes. The amount of effective fitness we offer within each timeframe is phenomenal. At PSF you will never waste a minute of your time - we guarantee it!


The electricity you feel during a PSF class is contagious and addictive. Our legendary playlists combine with expert instruction to formulate a group fitness experience that is results-oriented and motivating!


Our entire studio is fully-equipped with heart rate monitoring technology and our cycling studio with performance-based metrics displays so you always know if your intensity is where it should be!


PSF rewards our most consistent clients with discounts and incentives - our studio was created by instructors and is authentically intense.  We set our expectations high so you will always be pushed to work harder than you ever havebefore!

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Photography by Maggie Albrecht