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Ignite your workout & achieve amazing results!
Allison will leave you feeling accomplished & successful.
She is an expert at knowing "what works" - let her transform your body!


As a former competitive athlete, Allison learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle at a young age. While a student at DePaul, she fell in love with the group fitness industry and is now a devoted Certified Spinning Instructor and Certified TRX Instructor.  As a truly dedicated fitness enthusiast herself, Allison has turned her passion for leading indoor cycling workouts into amazingly effective cross-training classes. She brings her excitement for teaching and exercise to every session and believes that particpants at any level should feel welcomed into group fitness classes. In and out of the studio, you'll see Allison motivating people who are committed to working hard and helping them to keep a positive attitude about fitness!


Allison realizes everyone’s lives can get quite hectic and is known for creating workouts that leave her participants feeling refreshed and accomplished! The most challenging aspect of staying fit is maintaining a consistent schedule and you will always feel amazing after one of her  effective and stress-relieving workouts! Allison loves working hard to motivate her entire class and makes it her goal to help each person reach their full potential!



Allison's planning and attention to detail make her classes ultra-effective and will absolutely maximize your workout time!  She has been devoted to Power Sculpt since 2012 and has seen firsthand how PSF classes can extremely alter a person’s fitness abilities and raise their perceived limitations. During her sessions, you will be challenged to push past your comfort zone yet her intense sessions will fly by!  She believes the power of an effective workout can also maintain a well-balanced life. Allison knows exactly why PSF has been the key ingredient to so many fitness success stories and is ready to motivate you with her compelling classes!


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MONDAYS 5:45-6:15AM: Cycle & Sculpt Express

MONDAYS 6:20-6:40AM: TRX Blast