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Energetic instruction, creative choreography and the perfect intensity...
Ashley will deliver a massive full-body workout that will feel fluid and fresh!
Contagious enthusiasm combined with amazing playlists will have you hooked!


With a professional dance background and love for intense fitness, Ashley delivers fun, energetic, result-driven workouts!  Her classes are inspiring and make you want to work harder than ever before.  Ashley consistently delivers incredibly high-energy sculpting sessions that appeal to everyone - she is ready to motivate you with her knockout classes!



Ashley is dedicated to creating effective workouts that have incredible flow and intensity. She encourages 100% effort and commitment during her sweat sessions with contagious personality and enthusiasm.  When she's not teaching, you can find her running along the lake or attending another PSF class. That goes to show she's no stranger to delivering and accepting a challenge. Her philosophy is simple -- work hard, stay dedicated and enjoy real results!

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MONDAYS 4:50-5:20PM: TRX Express

WEDNESDAYS 6;40-7:10AM: Barre Express

WEDNESDAYS7:15-7:35AM: Ab Blast Express

FRIDAYS 6:20-6:50AM: PSF Express

FRIDAYS 6:55-7:25AM: Barre Express

FRIDAYS 7:30-8:00AM: TRX Express