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Brittany will give you a completely killer workout & keep you energized until the end!
Don't be fooled by her smile...her innovative sessions are challenging & 100% results!


As an elite-level & collegiate gymnast, Brittany is no stranger to pressing limits & working towards a goal. She loves to fuse her deep knowledge of physical movement with the specialized training she has received at PSF - her classes are exciting & full of enthusiasm! Currently, Brittany coaches high level gymnastics where she utilizes her experience in strength, flexibility & conditioning to train elite-level athletes. Her diverse background allows her to incorporate dance training, TRX knowledge & balance techniques into her massively effective fitness sessions. Brittany is excited to bring her energy, passion, and experience working out to Power Sculpt Fitness! 



Brittany’s spunky and dynamic personality will motivate you to experience exhilarating high intensity workouts with energy and enthusiasm.   We guarantee you will love her creative classes, non-stop energy & ultimate conditioning sessions...not to mention you will get a seriously rock hard body! If you're looking for an energetic workout that will give you rapid results, then Brittany's classes are definitely for you! 


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Photography by Maggie Albrecht



MONDAYS 9:50-10:20AM: Cross Conditioning

MONDAYS 10:25-10:55AM: Power Sculpt Pilates

WEDNESDAYS 9:15-9:45AM: Tabata Express

WEDNESDAYS 9:50-10:20AM: Barre Express

THURSDAYS 9:30-10:15AM: TRX Bootcamp

FRIDAYS 9:50-10:20AM: Rhythm Ride

FRIDAYS 10:25-10:55AM: Foam Roller-Yoga