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Kelli will win you over with her motivating personality!
She is poised to provide you with the ultimate group training experience.
Her innovative classes will leave you feeling empowered and rejuvenated!


Kelli has been a certified in Yoga Sculpt instructor since 2011 and has a vast amount of training and experience instructing strength, cycling, foam roller and of course yoga!  Kelli is truly invested in her students progress and her goal is to help them to get the most out of their workout.  Whether she is leading them through intense training to surpass their limits, or to help stretch out the kinks from a long week, Kelli is ready to encourage with enthusiasm!  As a mom of two little ones, she really admires her students' hard work - it motivates and inspires her!  Kelli knows firsthand that your time is precious and will help you make the most of every workout. You can never make up a missed training day so you might as well get out and go for it!


Kelli started running when she was 9 years old participating in AAU track events and 5Ks around the Midwest.  Her first marathon was the Chicago marathon in 2004, it was a graduation gift to herself!  She is also an accomplished triathlete having completed the Ironman Louisville in August 2009.  In October 2012 she ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time at the Grand Rapids Marathon and completed the Boston Marathon in 2014.  Kelli is a certified Road Runners Club of America running coach and member of the Track and Trough Athletic Union racing team. She loves training outside no matter the season - but believes that it takes finding a group of runners who love it just as much!!  She equates that to the awesome camaraderie we have at PSF and loves how everyone is there to push each other! 

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WEDNESDAYS 6:05-6:35AM: Power Cycle Express

WEDNESDAYS 8:15-8:45AM: Power Cycle Express

WEDNESDAYS 8:50-9:15AM: Cycle Blast