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Quick results and fast-paced workouts - Laura is ready to deliver!
Her energy & challenging workouts will leave you feeling accomplished.
Laura is dedicated & motivated - catch her enthusiasm & experience the burn!


It's Laura's number one goal to deliver a dynamic workout with amazing results! She encourages perseverance and commitment during her muscle-sculpting sessions with constant energy and enthusiasm.  A stickler for form, you'll feel your movement becomes safer and more effortless in positioning so you can take your intensity to the next level. As a mother of two, she understands how valuable your time is & Laura will never let you give up...she will have you surpassing your goals after just one session!


While Laura's specialty is combining challenging cardio and superior strength, she will also impress you with her timing, rhythm and overall fluidity.  Her heart racing classes are packed with strong movements alongside the perfect beat, so that they come together effortlessly to create an unbeatable muscle-shaking experience. Her sessions promise to provide a massive full-body workout to an amazing'll be hooked! 


Laura has been a Power Sculpt Fitness™ devotee since the beginning and is poised to deliver incredibly challenging sculpting sessions that are attainable at any level.  Her enthusiasm for fitness and an active lifestyle will make for a fun and results-oriented class.  Laura knows exactly why PSF has been the key ingredient to so many fitness success stories and is ready to motivate with her passionate classes! 

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TUESDAYS 9:25-10:25AM: PSF Signature

THURSDAYS 5:00-5:30PM: Cycle & Sculpt Express

THURSDAYS 5:35-6:05PM: Tabata Express

SUNDAYS 8:30-9:15AM: PSF Signature