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Bring your kids to Power Sculpt & let them play in our
childcare room while you get sculpted!


(All Childcare Credits are sold in 30-minute increments)

1 Childcare Credit      $2 *Express class

2 Childcare Credits    $4

10 Childcare Credits  $18 *1 credit free! 

20 Childcare Credits  $36 *2 credits free! 

*We only offer childcare during certain classes - consult the Schedule for specific offerings

*Childcare must be booked in advance - we have a capacity limit and cannot guarantee walk-in availability

*Childcare visits expire 6 months after the purchase date - please see the Schedule before purchasing

*There is a 8-hour cancellation window for ALL childcare reservations - all purchases are non-transferrable and non-refundable




  • Parents/guardians are required to complete a registration form and purchase a childcare session/package before they can enroll children with the childcare service.  Children from the same family can share a single form.


  • Childcare hours are subject to change and are scheduled on a class-by-class basis - in general, childcare can begin as early as 15 minutes before the schedule class start time.
  • Please utilize the back door when bringing children to the studio.
  • For the safety of all, children are NOT allowed through the studio past 10 minutes prior to class time - NO EXCEPTIONS (you will be asked to walk around the corner to the rear entrance) - please consult the schedule and plan accordingly as some classes run back-to-back.
  • When dropping off your child, it is required sign in with the babysitter.
  • No one may pick up the child except for the person who signed in the child. When picking up the child, the parent/guardian must sign out with the babysitter. 
  • Children should arrive at childcare prepared for their visit as food is not permitted. Drinks in plastic cups labeled with the child’s name are allowed.
  • The length of a child’s stay should not require a diaper change. Parents will be contacted to change their children, if necessary.
  • If evacuation of the facility is necessary during childcare hours, please report directly to the childcare area and evacuate per the babysitters direction. 


  • For the well being of all children using the childcare service, sick children are not permitted to attend childcare.
  • The parent/guardian who signed in the child must remain in the studio at all times. 
  • The babysitter may have a staff member contact the parent/guardian at any time regarding the status of his or her child. For example, the parent/guardian may be contacted if the child is inconsolable, if the child is displaying inappropriate behavior, or if the child seems to be ill. 
  • Children whose behavior is unruly, negatively affects other children, or threatens the safety of the group may be asked to leave. Parents/guardians will be contacted to remove their child.  If unacceptable behavior is chronic, the child may lose eligibility to participate in the childcare service.
  • The parent/guardian will always be contacted in an emergency situation. 
  • Babysitters are not responsible for administering medication.
  • Babysitters are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.