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Developed by experienced fitness professional Heather Hughes, 
Power Sculpt Fitness™ provides dynamic workouts that include 
the perfect combination of strength & cardio for maximum results.
Each Power Sculpt Fitness™ class provides a variety of sequenced intervals to keep you motivated, challenged & focused.
  • Every major muscle group will be engaged using exercises & formats that are dynamic and effective as you incinerate calories! 
  • PSF workouts keep you on the move & by keeping active throughout your entire workout, you maximize calorie burn & minimize downtime.
  • You will safely train your muscles to go beyond their comfort zone so results will come quicker & your time exercising will be more effective.  
  • Our method of metabolic training is focused, fast & will give you that continuous burn!
We offer high-energy formats for every workout preference, all equally effective, eliminating boredom & making fitness fun!
  • Sessions will also include direct & indirect core training to tone & tighten your core while helping to keep your lower back strong & prevent injury.
  • Most all classes utilize strength repetitions focused on endurance & definition which will adequately fatigue one area of the body as you quickly move on to bursts of cardio training.  
  • We love to include a yoga cool down & stretch that will lengthen and elongate your muscles as you relax your mind. You will leave class feeling accomplished & rejuvenated! 
Choose your favorite PSF format - the variety will help you stick with your program so you get results fast!

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Photography by Maggie Albrecht